Facts about Paint Protection Films for Those Interested In Auto Detailing Training

Ahtesham Blogger By Ahtesham Blogger Feb 19, 2024
Facts about Paint Protection Films for Those Interested In Auto Detailing Training

Data by researchers estimate the paint protection film market to accumulate an annual growth rate of 5.6% from 2022 to 2030. The shift in consumer preferences has brought growth aiming at keeping vehicles in perfect condition. Another factor contributing to this is consumers realizing the several benefits of PPFs. Therefore, if you are interested in auto detailing, you need to know the facts. They include:

There’s a difference between PPF and Vinyl wraps.

Vinyl wraps differ from PPF. However, there’s a need to understand more about the features and advantages of these two. It’s possible to place vinyl wrappings over a paint finish, but it’s different from PPF. The vinyl is easier to install and heavier than PPF, which is less transparent. Therefore, if you are attending PPF training, you need to know they apply vinyl for stylish improvement and PPF for protection. The PPF allows the finish to shine because of its lightweight and transparent nature. 

The military was first to do the first PPF development 

Most auto components, including PPF, were initially made for military applications. In the 1960s, during the Vietnam war, Americans dreaded how the rotor blades of helicopters were damaged by debris. So, researchers came up with PPF as a substance to put around the edges to offer protection. The military made the first PPF for practicals. As it was the first trial, it didn’t work like the modern versions. But after advancements decades later, racing teams started using the substance for their cars. Today it’s available and widely used to provide protection and help keep automobiles looking new.

To install PPF, you require auto detailing training.

Automotive owners might think that installing PPF is as easy as putting a screen protector on the phone. However, it’s not and you should avoid installing PPF at home. Only experts should install this material. Proper PPF training because the procedure is more complex than you might think. 

During the process, the car needs to be prepared before installation. After that’s done, a machine known as a plotter cuts the material into form-fitting pieces. If the film doesn’t fit, it’s moved continuously and squeezed into flatness. Then the expert applies an activator like water or a soapy substance to allow the film to stick, depending on the PPF brand. After this, they use heat to activate the PPF to give a tight fit.

Using protecting paint helps reduce oxidation.

Graduates in auto detailing training can use PPF to remove paint resistant to minor scratches. It can also help in doing away with bird droppings, bugs, mineral deposits, and acid. PPF also lowers possible oxidation caused by UV light or moisture. 

Oxidation occurs when materials with iron get exposed to oxygen or moisture, which leads to rusting. What happens is water molecules get inside the material and make it weak from the inside. Automotive owners are keen on fighting oxidation to avoid ruining their cars. Therefore, they use PPF as an extra layer that lowers the oxidation impact. It helps block UV rays and moisture to preserve a rust-free condition. In addition, it also gives protection against the disastrous effect of acid rain.

PPF poses self-healing characteristics

Innovations have made PPF more remarkable because of its self-healing ability. Also, the elastomeric polymers in their makeup can restore their original shape after scratching. In case of lighter damage, the PPF absorbs it, but that doesn’t mean it’s unbreakable. Sometimes, damage can occur if hit by large debris or left dirty for a long time. But the PPF can last between 5-10 years before it needs replacement.

PPF is an innovation that is a lifesaver for most vehicle owners. The material can only provide the needed protection if installed well. That’s why it’s crucial to let a professional do the installation. So, people interested in the course need to know the facts before enrolling.

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