What Kind of Digital Signage You Can Include in Your Upcoming Trade Show?

Ahtesham Blogger By Ahtesham Blogger Mar 13, 2024
What Kind of Digital Signage You Can Include in Your Upcoming Trade Show?

For businesses to connect with a large volume of targeted buyers and industry professionals trade shows provide a unique opportunity. But, usually in a trade show or an exhibition, there are hundreds of booths competing for the attention of the audience. Your trade show booth design needs to stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways to captivate passing visitors and draw them into your space is by incorporating impactful digital signage.

Digital screens allow you to engage attendees with high-quality visuals, messaging, and demonstrations in a dynamic way that static graphics simply can’t match. Here are some top digital signage options to include in your next trade show booth to attract maximum foot traffic:

Video Wall:

One of the boldest and most attention-grabbing digital displays is a multi-screen video wall. Comprised of several large LED or LCD panels arranged together, a video wall creates a huge immersive canvas. Showcase product demos, testimonial videos, animated explainer graphics, and data visualizations on your wall’s continuous surface.

Rotate through different assets to maintain freshness throughout each day of the show. Proper lighting and positioning of the wall make it a true centerpiece for your booth that’s visible from afar down the aisle.

Flat Screen Monitors:

Flat-screen LCD or LED monitors offer a more affordable digital option compared to a full video wall. Strategically space several screens throughout your booth to share multimedia content. Feature a monitor near your entrance to catch visitors as they approach with welcome banners or introductions.

Place another in a demo area to stream how-to tutorials and walkthroughs. Rotating PowerPoint slide decks, graphics, and video loops keep each monitor uniquely engaging over long show hours. Prop screens on counters, mount on stands, or affix to walls & counters using inclusive-fit mounts, brackets, or arms.

Interactive Touch Screens:

Take engagement one step further by incorporating touchscreen displays running interactive touch experiences tailored to your products or services. Visitors can access multimedia assets, browse case studies, watch explainer videos, fill out short forms, and play branded games or quizzes – all with a simple tap or swipe.

Strategize kiosk-style touchscreen stations throughout your space for one-on-one interaction that goes beyond passive viewing. Touch interfaces leave a strong impression on attendees and increase dwell time.

Billboard Displays:

Inspired by their large outdoor counterparts, digital billboard screens draw crowds with vibrant multimedia that quickly catches the eye from long distances down the aisle. They are ideal for mounting above the front entrance of your booth or along a tall pop-up back wall.

Billboards also let you broadcast high-impact images, videos, and messages on a massive scale that other digital options can’t match. Position one facing outward from your booth façade for maximum visibility beyond your immediate space.

Digital Signage Kiosks:

Ready-made kiosks with integrated displays ship turnkey for plug-and-play setup at shows. Most models feature a 22-47” touch or non-touchscreen mounted within a freestanding kiosk housing and come pre-loaded with interactive content experiences.

Place kiosks near entrances, in high-traffic areas, or as roaming stations for on-the-go experiences. Their portable and compact profile means they can easily be positioned or wheeled around as needed to target engagement.

Digital Posters & Frames:

More subtle than large screens yet still digitally engaging, frames and posters are elegant smaller-scale options. Mount sleek portrait or landscape-formatted digital frames to your back wall or counter surfaces for constantly refreshing visuals.

Screens alternate between high-res images, videos, and slides using programmable playlists. Frames blend in seamlessly without disruption to your hard goods and décor. Digital signage posters work similarly but on a tabletop-sized scale.

Digital Menu Boards:

For food exhibitors, nothing captivates like a large digital menu board. Showcase your culinary creations, recipes, nutrition info, and daily specials in full color and motion.

Visitors can easily browse options and ask reps questions directly from the menu before placing orders. Incorporate into any catering stations or demonstration kitchens for a polished, tech-enabled touch.

Mobile Displays:

If your booth includes frequent demonstrations or presentations outside of a fixed area, make use of portable displays in rolling carts or lightweight stands. Wheel TVs, monitors, or small touchscreens between different zones to deliver educational assets en route.

Mobile displays maintain flexibility as you guide visitors along guided journeys through your products or solutions. For on-the-go presentations, consider portable projection screens and short-throw projectors.

Digital Signage Software:

Powering dynamic content across all your screens requires easy management of continually updated visuals, videos, schedules, and playlists. Invest in feature-rich digital signage software compatible with your chosen displays that allows setup on any browser from anywhere.

Remotely upload new content, set playback durations, transition animations, and overlap timings with drag-and-drop ease. Pre-schedule shows in advance or even live stream assets from a central CMS during the live event.

In Conclusion–

Whichever digital signage solutions you choose for your next trade show, plan to allot time designing interactive content experiences tailored to your objectives. Test equipment well beforehand to avoid onsite issues.

You’ll definitely achieve maximum impact from passing traffic converting into serious sales-qualified leads. All you need is a professional exhibition stand builder who will strategically integrate multimedia that will help guide visitors through knowledge-building experiences. Digital signage offers a fun, engaging complement to traditional static or printed marketing – so don’t overlook its attendee-attracting power for your next exhibition.

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